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Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool - OBD2/ELM327 WIFI or Bluetooth Scanner

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Clear That Check Engine Light With This Diagnostic Tool & Finally Determine The Problem!

  New Mechanic? - Be informed - know what iswrong BEFORE you talk to the mechanic!

  Vehicle Compatibility - This OBD2 Scanner works on ALL vehicles After 1996!
Effective & Functional - This OBD2 Scan Tool is great for (a) helping to diagnose your car for any issues to avoid repair bill or high diagnostics fee & (b) reading important information that you can get from your cars ECU, and clearing error codes to keep your car in perfect condition.
Smartphone Compatibility - Foseal OBD2 Scanner is iOS compatible (iPhone & iPad), Android compatible (Android phone, Android Tablets such as Samsung LG, etc.), Also PC compatible (Hook up to your laptop to this device via WIFI), unlike other OBD2 Scanners.
Easy to Use: 

    1) Download a popular free or paid APP suitable for your phone or tablet (we recommend "inCarDoc" and "OBD Fusion" ($9.9) for iOS or "Torque lite"/"Torque Pro" and "DashCommand" for Android).
    2) Find the OBD port in your car (usually under the dashboard on the driver's side) and plug the module in.
    3) Turn the ignition key to Acc to power up the dashboard/gauges.
    4) Go to your phone/tablet wifi setting and connect to WIFI_OBDII. Please wait for WIFI connection - it will be ready in about 10 seconds, then click Ready to diagnose your car and read/clear codes.


    Connection: WiFi (in adHoc mode) or Bluetooth
    LED Indicator: Power, RS232 TX/RX, OBD, WiFi
    Working Voltage: 12V (with short-circuit and over-voltage protections)
    Version: OBD2 (OBD II) Software, ELM327 V1.5 For Android and IOS

    LED Indicator Instructions:

    1. After powering on, the five indicators (from left to right: red, yellow, green, yellow, green) flashes once to let you know whether they work normally.
    2. Only the red indicator lights up constantly in the whole process until you exit the APP (eg. Torque).
    3. Open the APP again, the red indicator glows constantly. 3s later, the yellow and green indicators flash. Another 2s later, all the left 4 indicators flash quickly when there is data transmission.
    4. After disconnecting the WIFI or exiting from the APP, only the red indicator lights up.

    Supports  OBD-II protocols 


    Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database). With proper software installed in the host device, you may have following parameters read out from your vehicle:
    1. Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
    2. Display current sensor data, including:
    3. Engine RPM
    4. Calculated Load Value
    5. Coolant Temperature
    6. Fuel System Status
    7. Vehicle Speed
    8. Short Term Fuel Trim
    9. Long Term Fuel Trim
    10. Intake Manifold Pressure
    11. Timing Advance
    12. Intake Air Temperature
    13. Air Flow Rate
    14. Absolute Throttle Position
    15. Oxygen sensor voltages / associated short term fuel trims
    16. Fuel System status
    17. Fuel Pressure

    • The Scan Tool is able to detect and interpret these protocols automatically.
    • It also provides support for high speed communications and a low power sleep mode.
    • It uses AT commands to communicate with a host device.
    • There are plenty of software packages available, which are fully compatible with The Scan Tool. Some of them have pretty useful features, such as engine running parameters monitoring, DTC reading and clearing, MPG meter, etc.

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