Professional LED Light Tracing Pad

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Trace the traits of those great masterpieces to get your own inspiration!


This A4S LED Light Pad is really an ideal tool for just such a purpose. Ultra slim panel only 5mm thick, made of acrylic material featuring good transparency and rigidity, and weighs only 0.6kg.


  • Easy to Adjust: Just repeat pressing the power button to change the brightness.
  • Easy on the Eyes: Dual layers of LEDs provide the ideal brightness
    while drawing, and also helps to protect your eyes. 
  • Easy to Draw On: Round cushions are located at the corners; thin and dense enough to get a stable drawing experience.


    1. Material: Acrylic
    2. Color: Black
    3. Dimension: 14"x 10.4"x 3/16" (360x265x5mm)
    4. Color temperature: 10000K
    5. Lum: 2000lux
    6. Power: 1.4W
    7. Voltage: 5V

    Package contents:
    1x A4S LED Light PAD
    1x Power Cable

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